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Tips of Buying the Best Bong Accessories

Whether you want to buy a new bong or replace an old one, it is daunting to pick the right item. Despite the fact that you major intention is investing in a bong that will enable you to take in more bong, the device must suit your lifestyle. The following aspect must be considered when buying a good bong accessory.

The usage intention is the key factor to consider when you want to buy a bong accessory. Many people prefer water pipes in case the wan to buy dry herbs or even concentrates. A dry legal herb, as well as tobacco, requires a bowl which has a large stem and must be at 45 or 90 degrees angle. Most legal concentrates need a nail and a 90-degree stem. Small and mediums will enable you to dab the herbs and concentrates with ease.

Another aspect which you are supposed to base your decision for a good bong accessory on is its size. It is crucial to start thinking on ways of using this bong. The bong can either be used during your outdoor activity or at home. The use of the bong accessory that you want to buy will influence is size. If you want to enjoy your bond during travel, you must invest in small pipes. Larger bong accessories are suitable to be used at home, and creates room for percolation and modification. The capacity of your lung should also be considered. If you are purchasing the first bong, you ought to settle for a small or medium pipe. Smaller bong pipes are very durable. Smaller bong accessories will allow you to pass through people with ease. In case you have a vast experience in smoking, you ought to invest in a bong accessory with a big base.

Another factor to consider when buying a good bong accessory is the quality of the material. Most of the major bong accessories in the market are made of plastic, ceramic and bamboo materials. Plastic as well as acrylic water pipes are cheap and transparent, thus giving you an opportunity to see the contents in the bong. These bong types are less common since they are hard to modify. The ceramic pipes, on the other hand, are cheaper compared to glass, which is beautiful and very durable. Nonetheless, the ceramics is difficult to clean giving it a shorter lifespan. Bamboo accessories are stylish and very durable. When purchasing the best bong accessory for that suits your need, usage, personal attractiveness and a need for durability plays a crucial role.

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